Time Session  
8.30AM Session 1 Welcome Remarks
8.45AM   Chair's Introduction
9.00AM   Opening Keynote: Disney: How Digital Transformation is Changing the way Sports Entities and their Partners Engage Diverse Fan Groups
9.30AM   Big Hitters Debate
10.30AM   Networking Break
    Track 1 - How Technology is Driving Fan Engagement and Experience Track 2 - Commercial Multi-Asset and Omni-Platform Partnerships
11.00AM Session 2 Creating New In-Stadium Experiences with Digital Technology The Future of Sports Broadcasting: Traditional, OTT, DTC or Digital First?
12.30PM   Short Break
1.30PM Session 3 Innovative Multi-Platform Content Delivery for Enhanced Fan Viewing Experiences Creating Partnerships with Purpose Through Next Generation, Fan-First Campaigns
3.00PM   Networking Break
3.30PM Session 4 Driving Diverse Engagement in Playing and Watching Sports Using Technology Executing Complex Campaigns in Sport: Delivering on Multi-Asset Partnerships and Proving ROI
5.00PM   End of Day 1

Time Session Track 1 - Growing Existing Audiences and Engaging New Ones Track 2 - Building New Digital Revenue Opportunities
8.30AM Take Seats
8.45AM Session 1 Understanding Changing Consumption Patterns, Audience Segmentation and Communicating Complex Content Turning Data into Revenue - Delivering Proven ROI, Improved Fan Experiences and Expanded Revenue Streams
10.15AM   Networking Break
10.45AM Session 2 Engaging the Next Generation of Sports Participants, Employees and Fans (session includes The College Sports Panel) Investing in Technology for the Future of the Sports Sector
1.00 PM   Networking Lunch
2.00PM Session 3 Esports – Boosting Fan Engagement or Competing with Traditional Sports? Developing Trends and New Revenue Streams through Online Betting Platforms
3.30PM   Networking Break
3.50PM Session 4 Optimizing the Content that Digitization offers Fans, Marketing and Sports Brands Digitizing the Sports Sector: What Does this look like in Practice?
5.00PM   End of The Digital Transformation in Sports Summit
08.00am Morning Registration and Coffee

08:30am Welcome Remarks
Olivia Ryan-Hill,
Conference Director, Sports Innovation Group

08:45am Chair’s Opening Remarks

08:55am Session 1: Digital Disruption or Distraction for the Sports Industry?

09:00am Opening Keynote:
How Digital Transformation is Changing the way Sports Entities and their Partners Engage Diverse Fan Groups
Sean Hanrahan, EVP Advertising, The Walt Disney Company and ESPN

09:50am The Big Hitters Debate – Lively debate between leading representatives of the sports, media and technology industries on the current landscape for the sector and where the opportunities lie for growth, fan experience, partnerships and digital transformation.

Key topics:
  • What does digital transformation really mean for the sports sector?
  • Are sports franchises and their broadcast/ technology/ branding partners catching up with digital transformation?
  • Where are the best opportunities for driving truly inventive and immersive fan experiences?
  • Where are the greatest commercial and fan driven opportunities in digital innovation? Betting, Esports, Streaming, Digital Campaigns or elsewhere?
  • How can sports entities at any stage of the digitalization journey start and scale the process in a way that’s right for their business?
Michael Sutherland,
Chief Transformation Officer, Real Madrid
Guillermo MoralesCTO Sports & Consumer Engagement, Microsoft

10:30am Networking Break and Refreshments

Session 2: Creating New ‘In-Stadium’ Experiences with Digital Technology

Many of the most exciting innovations in the world of technology and sports are coming from live event technology, bringing fans immersive experiences from the moment they wake up on game day throughout their visit and after they have gone home, creating multiple engagement and experience opportunities

Key topics:

  • What can apps and live event information innovation do for fans - delivering weather updates, car park information, smarter transport, fan zones and queue avoidance innovation? What’s coming next?
  • How can you create stadium environments that mean fans want to stay for longer?
  • Do apps open revenue streams with upgraded ticketing, retail, collectibles and hospitality opportunities?
  • How can arenas work more with the local community, scaling a stadium project to form part of a smart city?
  • How is Augmented/ Virtual/ Mixed reality innovation closing the space between physical and digital realities at live sports events?
Jack Verducci, VP Corporate Partnerships, Worcester Red Sox
Daniel Brusilovsky,
Director - Consumer Product and Technology, Golden State Warriors
Andrew McIntyre,
SVP - Technology & Innovation, Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment
Jennifer Choi, Director, Innovation Lab, Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena
Session 2: The Future of Sports Broadcasting: Traditional, OTT, DTC or Digital First?

There are myriad opportunities for rights holders and brands to partner with social media, OTT platforms, DTC including PPV channels and traditional broadcasters alongside digital-first publishers. Can the market remain this busy or are we likely to see some mergers, streamlining costs and resources? Getting it right enables multi-asset advertising packages, valued at the right level, ultimately delivering optimal brand exposure across all platforms and bespoke content to fans.

Key topics:

  • What are the latest developments for OTT platform innovation: overlaid statistics, second viewing experiences and choosing when to use free content to engage vs PPV or subscriptions?
  • Will partnerships between rights holders, broadcasters and their streaming partners continue as standalones or are mergers inevitable?
  • Esports broadcasting – how does it differ? How is it being monetized and what are the opportunities for growing broadcast and advertising revenue?
  • Are traditional broadcasters willing to sacrifice production value in favour of the relaxed formula utilized in Esports - with the aim of achieving active fan engagement for conventional live sports?
David Dinkins, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Showtime
Carlos Silva,
President & CEO, World TeamTennis
Kiran Paranjpe,
Head of Sports, Global Partnerships, Google
12:30pm Networking Lunch in Exhibition Showcase
Session 3: Innovative Multi-Platform Content Delivery for Enhanced Fan Viewing Experiences

In the next three to five years, worldwide revenues from sports digital media rights will grow by 11.5% - faster than any other business area. By contrast, traditional TV rights will see the slowest growth at 3.2%. OTT platforms are emerging as the new engine for growth, with fans streaming NFL games increasing 25% in recent years. How are fans changing in their watching expectations and how can broadcasters, streaming platforms and technology developers bring fans bespoke content, on the platforms they prefer to use in a way that keeps them engaged for longer?

Key topics:
  • How can innovations in immersive content be mastered to deliver immersive viewing to fans sitting on their sofas? What are the latest innovations improving the at home viewing experiences
  • Managing the content creation, strategy, production and direction of weekly broadcasts, live events and in-stadium shows, utilizing virtual announcer, celebrity feeds, local commentary, slow motion controllers, live statistics and full game play-by-play content
  • How is the rise of gaming and multi-screening is changing the fan experience and providing a hotbed for technology innovation?
  • Is the sports sector maximizing fan metrics and biometrics to keep improving content delivery?
  • How can content creators master intuitive and comprehensive ‘On-demand’ services?
Robert G. Alberino, Vice President / Executive Producer, San Francisco 49ers
Sloane Kelly, Managing Director,
Content and Creative Services, USTA
Melissa Marchionna,
Senior Director - Social Media, MLS
David Aufhauser,
MD Immersive, Intel Sports
Mike Kelley,
President, Graybo
Session 3: Creating Partnerships with Purpose Through Next Generation, Fan-First Campaigns
Sports partnerships are increasingly built on complex, multi-asset campaigns that require creativity, a fan-first strategy, innovative technology and inspirational thinking - gathering the right stakeholders in partnership to deliver unique campaigns. This session gathers those responsible for initiating and collaborating on commercial partnerships across the sports sector to share their experiences, creative and commercial processes and where they see the greatest opportunities to maximise digitization in the creation of bespoke, effective and exciting digital asset campaigns.

Key topics:
  • Are sports entities and their partners combining digital assets to deliver next generation content and advertising campaigns that are exciting for fans? How do sports campaigns compare to other sectors?
  • Where are the most creative, digitally enabled campaigns coming from and what can we learn from their success?
  • Are we establishing the correct valuation models around digital assets?
  • Digital brand marketing, how are teams, stars and leagues securing endorsement and marketing opportunities, creating licensing partnerships, developing content ideas – can digital innovation improve this process?
  • How do software innovation and analytics help tailor customized sponsored campaigns to ensure that they are always beneficial or entertaining for the fans – ‘fan first’ strategy
Timothy Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer Sports Biz
Carlos Silva, President and CEO, World Team Tennis
Eryn McVerry, Chief Marketing Officer, Vision Venture Partners
Jordan Udko, VP Corporate Partnerships, Cloud9
3.00pm Short Break
Session 4: Driving Diverse Engagement in Playing and Watching Sports Using Technology

Engaging more diversity in playing and watching sport is a huge opportunity – but how can sports become more accessible for all and how does technology break down these barriers to access? What role does social media play in engaging new fans and which social platforms are best for which audience segments? How can organizations connect with these segments and deliver the best experience at a lower cost, optimizing the digital platforms that are best related to the way these communities want to engage?

Key topics:
  • How does technology break down barriers and increase access to taking part in, and watching sport?
  • How does digital innovation help those without funding access their favourite sports?
  • Do women differ from men in how they consume sports content, if so, how? Is it the same for attracting women to play sport?
  • What impact has social media had on engaging more diverse communities in both playing and watching more sport?
  • Is there enough being done to promote women within the sports sector itself?
Keynote: How Virtual Racing Platforms are Transforming Access to and the Experience of Running Through Innovative Community Engagement
Michael Capiraso,
President & CEO, New York Road Runners
Donna Orender,
Board Member, World Surf League
Dawn Montgomery,
CEO, Fan Favorite
Chris Hurst,
Non-Exec Director, Rugby Football League, Trustee, Women’s Sports Trust
Session 4: Executing Complex Campaigns in Sport: Delivering Multi-Asset Partnerships and Proving ROI

Once the partnership deals have been struck and global brands have confirmed their partnership with sports entities, agencies, broadcast platforms and technology partners, the next challenge is delivering those campaigns. The goals must always remain the delivery of a great fan experience and the resulting ROI for branding partners. Optimizing the tools that each stakeholder has and finding a way to bridge them all, working together in a streamlined manner that avoids siloed thinking will ensure that all partners are pulling in the same direction. Where can innovation make the process smoother and enable improved metrics and easier proof of ROI?

Key topics:
  • How to collaborate on creating the best social media campaigns, delivering unique and exciting viral promotions that offer more than just clicks
  • How digital campaigns differ in their measurability and how to harness this increased insight
  • What are the best strategies and technologies for delivering and proving ROI?
  • How can digital technology aid the delivery of slick, immersive and exciting campaigns when multiple partners are involved?
BriAnne Newman, Vice President of Consulting and Events, Fenway Sports Management
Mike Gibbons, VP - Sports Brand Partnerships, Fox
Jesse Sell, Director of Gaming & Esports, Twitch

5:15pm Close of Day One and Networking Drinks
08:45am Chair’s Address

Session 1: Understanding Changing Consumption Patterns, Audience Segmentation and Communicating Complex Content

Fans want content and advertising that’s tailored to their viewing habits, cultures and personal tastes. This can be achieved via social media insight, live game, in-app usage and content consumption analysis, resulting in a clear understanding of your audience, your own USPs and how to segment and communicate complex content.

Key Topics:
  • Optimizing technology to project complex messages across multiple markets and different cultures
  • Fan segmentation, using resources and digital platforms to project bespoke marketing to diverse audience groups?
  • Taking a smaller sport to the next level using digital marketing platforms
  • Live/ responsive/ adaptive social campaigns, do the risks outweigh the benefits?
  • How do cultures and audiences differ, which are the most challenging to engage and what can innovation provide in the way of new strategies for engaging fans?
Kristen Bankosz, Senior Director Content Marketing, UFC
Jamie Reid,
Head of Digital Communications, FIFA Qatar World Cup
Alexandra Willis,
Head of Digital Content, All England Tennis Club/ Wimbledon

Session 1: Turning Data into Revenue - Delivering Proven ROI, Improved Fan Experiences and Expanded Revenue Streams

Sports entities have almost unprecedented access to fans’ personal tastes, preferred content consumption and personal data, rivalling essential institutions like banks for the latter but with infinitely more insight on what fans want to see, feel and consume. Big data strategy is a great start but what does this look like in practice? This session showcases user experiences on how to optimize information to prepare better asset bundles for sponsors, deliver bespoke content to fans, using the right platforms and ultimately providing better experiences for your fans and improved ROI.

Key topics:
  • Big data management – how and where to start and what the end goal should look like, creating a roadmap towards credible data driven decisions across your organization – from the boardroom to the pitch
  • How can AI impact information management?
  • Fan intelligence – understanding and predicting consumer purchasing behavior through deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • How do you properly house, manage and use data to target content that resonates with fans and partner brands?
  • Working both in-house and with technology and cloud partners to house data and maintain watertight CRM systems
Mark Schneider, CTO, US Ski and Snowboard
Neda Tabatabaie,
Vice President -Business Intelligence, San Jose Sharks
Ian Fleming,
Director of Research and Analytics, Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash
Jeremy Halek,
Business Intelligence Director, Cleveland Cavaliers
10:15am Networking Break
Session 2: Engaging the Next Generation of Sports Participants, Employees and Fans

Younger generations consume content in ever smaller bites, paid subscription demands are faltering in their popularity as the often-limited budgets of young people and the high demand for attention is increasingly splintered across multiplying platforms. A comprehensive strategy utilizing the right platforms for different generational audiences is crucial to marketing success. This often combines digital innovations with more traditional strategies. This session will address the success stories alongside some potential solutions for those not yet mastered their strategy.

Key topics:
  • How can sports teams find new audiences? How do the challenges differ for smaller or new teams/ leagues?
  • What are the best strategies for engaging younger audiences and how crucial is a comprehensive digital presence?
  • How do younger generations differ in their sports consumption? What role do Esports play?
  • How can sport be made more accessible for young people with less interest in ‘ownership’ or the term ‘consumer’ and generations without the finances to attend games or buy PPV – can free highlights content or grassroots promotion bridge the gap?
Dawn Montgomery, CEO, Fan Favorite
Sohrob Farudi,
CEO and Founder, Fan Controlled Football League
Melissa Marchionna,
Senior Director Social Media, MLS
Greg Morris,
Senior Manager, Fan Engagement, F1

The College Sports Panel: The Impact of Digital on a Traditional Area of Sport

Varsity sports are huge in their own right but in the context of digital transformation and engaging new audiences they also have another role to play. College sports offer a huge opportunity to reinforce support or find new audiences, colleagues and participants altogether with a digitally enlightened audience. However, there is added complexity in a traditional fanbase that is aging rapidly. So how can college sports migrate to digital platforms, finding new audiences, without losing their faithful fanbase?

Dawn Montgomery, CEO, Fan Favorite
Mick Gillespie,
Multi-Sport Broadcaster, Reporter and Contributor
Jon Laaser,
Director of Broadcasting, Virginia Tech Hokies
Session 2: Investing in Technology for the Future of the Sports Sector

Technology has been transforming the world of sports for a long time, with investment in areas like Esports continuing to rise, surpassing a total of $2.5 billion in VC funding in 2018 — and some estimates predicting the sports tech sector will reach $30 billion by 2024.

The most popular areas are fan engagement technologies, such as content platforms and live streaming.

Key topics:
  • Where are the trends going in sports technology investment
  • Esports, sports betting or fan engagement, where is the investment going?
  • How do investors see AI impacting sports?
  • Understanding what is possible, how long it will take, and which technologies will come out on top
  • Sports Cryptocurrencies – game changer or fad? How are crypto collectibles being introduced, commercialized and developing? Examining fan-driven token ecosystems for traditional sports teams and where the investment is going
Timothee Deschamps, MD, Colosseum Sports
1.00pm Networking Lunch in Showcasing Arena
Session 3: Esports – Boosting Fan Engagement or Competing with Traditional Sports?

Rights sales are still the biggest revenue generator in Esports but things are changing, merchandizing, live event ticketing and broadcast rights are all rapidly growing revenue streams and investment behind teams and leagues is often rooted in big pro-league team ownership, and structure. If traditional sports can tap into the way Esports engage with fans, dispensing with some of the smooth broadcast style of TV broadcast in favour of the live action style favoured by streaming platforms for Esports this could open up huge growth avenues for new audiences – the question is, can this be translated into attendance at conventional events – judging by the numbers at Esports events, the answer might just be yes!

Keynote: Taking Esports into the Mainstream – How Traditional Sports are Embracing Gaming
Wim Stocks, CEO/ GM, WorldGaming and Collegiate StarLeague

Key topics:

  • How Esports are bringing down the walls between stars and fans
  • How can E-leagues and teams and traditional sports benefit each other?
  • How do Esports fans differ and how to engage them?
  • What's the best route to build an Esports brand from the ground up as a traditional sports entity including FIFA and NBA2K?
  • What are the challenges for Esports in growing revenues from paid-for franchises, licensed merchandise, media rights ticket sales and sponsorships to generate income from teams?
James Kuk, Former Head of Business Development, Twitch
Jonathan Sumers,
Senior Director, Digital Partnerships & Esports, Cleveland Cavaliers
Stu Saw,
SVP, Esports, Endeavor
Session 3: Developing Trends and New Revenue
Streams through Online Betting Platforms

As 8 states now having legalised betting and with 23 in total set to follow – big partnerships are being announced and the sports sector must move now to grasp this opportunity. With some estimating that the revenue opportunity from all 50 states opening up to regulated betting could be $4.3billion annually there are huge opportunities here.

This session will address the current status in a rapidly changing landscape before looking at how stakeholders can maximize their own opportunities bringing exciting new betting experiences to fans responsibly.

Key topics:
  • Making sense of rapidly developing betting opportunities and changes and how digital technologies will form an integral part of this sector from the start
  • Should rights holders act as a marketing partners or launch their own sports book utilizing digital platforms?
  • How are cryptocurrencies expanding betting opportunities in sport?
  • What can sports learn from Las Vegas when it comes to creating innovative betting platforms?
  • Is the technology in-stadium and digitally ready for in game and live betting?
  • What does delivering a great fan betting experience look like?
  • How quickly can we expect the online betting platforms and revenue streams to grow?
  • The evolving role of machine learning in Sports Betting
Lloyd Danzig, Chairman & Founder, International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence
George Alafoginis,
Global Gaming Client Partner, Facebook
3.30pm Short Break
Session 4: Optimizing the Content that Digitalization offers Fans, Marketing and Sports Brands

Fans no longer just want to receive sports content on their favourite teams and players, they are active producers of it. The smartest sports marketers and content producers are optimizing digital platforms to incorporate sponsor and fan driven content 24/7 across a multitude of platforms including traditional broadcast channels, DTC channels, OTT and social media.

Key Topics:
  • How sports stakeholders can adapt to increased fan power, as content consumers AND creators.
  • How is the dramatic increase in video content from fans, players and brands breaking down barriers and increasing engagement?
  • What is the impact of sports documentaries on fan engagement?
  • How to manage the expectation for 24/7 content without an unlimited budget?
  • Increasing fan voice, how are digital communities allowing fans to organize and even take control of their favourite sports teams or leagues?
  • Creating and maximizing fan-driven apps and online fan communities
  • Breaking down boundaries between teams, players and fans
Sloane Kelley, Managing Director Content and Creative Services, USTA
Neil Bandoni,
Director of Content, XGames/ ESPN
Melissa Marchionna,
Senior Director of Social Media, MLS
Greg Morris,
Senior Manager, Fan Engagement, F1
Session 4: Digitizing the Sports Sector: What Does this look like in Practice?

Digitization is the phrase of the decade across most industries and the sports sector in some ways is a little behind compared to some sectors. But what does digitization look like in practice?

Key topics:
  • What does digital transformation look like and what can it provide a sports business by comparison to continuing with analogue?
  • How to take fans with you as you work to reinvent or overhaul your company?
  • Is your digital team holding back your digital transformation? The potential pitfalls of a digital team to your digital transformation in a company that is resistant to change
  • How do you gain the required buy-in from all stakeholders from board level to data entry?
  • How can companies begin their digital journey? Is a total overhaul always the right route and how to scale up small changes over time for minimal disruption?
  • Where are the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them?
Michael Sutherland, Chief Transformation Officer, Real Madrid
Chris Hurst,
Non-Exec Director, Rugby Football League, Trustee, Women’s Sports Trust
5:00pm End of the Digital Transformation in Sports Summit
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